2D Around View monitoring system

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Control Box

Front Camera

Back Camera

Technical Data

Control Box Stat
Channel Video Input 4 Channel
Channel Video Output 1 Channel @ 30fps
Video Output Format NTSC/PAL
Video Input Format NTSC/PAL
Power Supply DC 12V
Temperture -40゚C ~ +80゚C
Dimension 94.2(L) x 77.6(W) x 23(H) mm
Weight 114.2g
Per ON Trigger Mode ACC 12V Input Trigger
2Din Trigger Mode DC 12V Ouput Trigger
CCM Power Supply 5V
HW support G-sensor, CAN box
Camera Stat
Sensor Type: 1/3" CMOS Sensor
Lens 180゚
Resolution NTSC/PAL
Signal to Noise Ration > TBD
Power Supply DC 3.3V (± 5%)
Power Consumption less or equal 1W
Temperture -50゚C to 150゚C
Dimension 25.5(L) x 27.6 (W) x 21.9 (D) mm
Weight 25.6 g

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